• big and bold with full body
  • medium caffeine
  • research suggests: supports healthy digestion
  • best served: hot, iced, tea latte, butter tea
  • 70 grams
  • 25 servings (+resteep)

ingredients: organic pu'er tea (pu-erh)


Transitioning from coffee to tea? Dark Brew is for you.

This is our traditional organic pu’er (pu-erh). With its smooth, bold, full-body taste, this tea easily stands up to even the best cup of joe. Dark Brew also works for the orthodox tea drinker who prefers no interruptions to the pure taste of pu’er.

Siply Suggestions:

For a full-flavored cup of Dark Brew, steep for three to five minutes. Hang on to your leaves, cause this one is good for at least one more resteep. Dark Brew is best served as a butter tea or hot with a splash of dairy free milk.

Feeling adventurous? Make it a chilled butter tea. You never drink an iced latte again. Seriously.

Want to know more?

Dark Brew is a part of our Pu’er collection. Pu’er (pu-erh) is a special tea made by fermenting and aging tea leaves, which provides a dynamic flavor profile and bonus therapeutic qualities. Studies suggest that pu’er aids in digestion. If you find yourself in China, you'll often see it served after meals to help settle the stomach.

The art of fermenting and aging pu’er is an ancient technique from the Yunnan province of China. Since global distribution began in the 1970s, this phenomenal tea has made its way into homes and tea houses around the world. Here at Siply, we proudly declare pu’er as our signature tea for both its exquisite flavor and rich medicinal benefits.

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