Who is Siply?

The woman behind the tea is Raechel Kelley Valles tea somm, cool mom & wellness junkie.

After struggling with autoimmune issues, Raechel decided to go against the grain and make some serious lifestyle adjustments. This meant reducing stress, removing toxins and, of course, major diet changes. In 2016, she tossed her Keurig and went on a quest to find the best full-flavor, clean beverages for recovering coffeeholics everywhere.

Armed with nothing but an adventurous palate, Raechel explored far away pockets of tea culture for inspiration. Her travels took her from India to Ireland and beyond. What she brought back: a true love for high grade tea and a hodgepodge of her favorite blends, steeping tricks and recipes.

Now, Raechel is a classically trained tea sommelier breaking all the rules. By embracing both traditional tea practices and innovation, she is redefining tea to create unique experiences, like Turmeric Spice Pu'er Chai and Yerba Mate Matcha


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All our teas and herbs have been ethically sourced and quality-tested for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. Every product meets the highest quality of European and Canadian standards. Though many of our teas are organic, a few are not. This is mostly due to limited resources at some smaller tea plantations.

Fear not, our teas are as clean as a whistle.