• medicinal herb from South African
  • sweet and floral with medium body
  • caffeine free
  • supports immunity & reduces inflammation 
  • best served: hot, iced, butter tea
  • 65 grams
  • 25 servings

ingredients: certified organic honeybush


Meet our flagship herbal tea.

African Honey is made from pure organic honeybush, a subtly sweet, medium bodied herbal tea jam packed with medicinal properties. The flavonoids and phenolics found in honeybush are said to support the immune system when battling conditions like the common cold and flu.

This one is great for folks looking to kick the caffeine without sacrificing flavor. African Honey is also a fan favorite amongst the kiddos.

Siply Suggestions:

For a full-flavored cup of African Honey, steep for five minutes in boiling water. It’s great served hot, cold or as a tea latte. On a hot summer day, brew and chill for a cooling kid-friendly iced tea. At night, steep and sip with a splash of coconut milk. It also makes a great caffeine free butter tea. It’s delicious any way you spin it.

Feeling adventurous? African Honey acts as a fantastic base for jello and ice cream. Go ahead, get creative.

Want to know more?

African Honey is a part of our Red Herbal Collection. Though these herbal concoctions may look like teas, alas, they are not. Because they do not come from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, they are what we in the industry call “tisanes”. This means they are naturally caffeine free and have different therapeutic qualities than the other collections. Studies suggest that the flavonoids in honeybush and rooibos may have the power to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, furthermore preventing DNA damage.

Here at Siply, we like to taste our tisanes. That’s why you’ll find us sipping on a cuppa from our Red Herbal Collection at all hours.

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Delicious & Naturally Caffeine-Free

Kelly on Jun 20th 2018

I was looking for a new caffeine-free tea to drink in the evenings and this is the best one that I have found. Though technically not a tea, this loose leaf magic is delicious hot or cold. It tastes slightly sweet and floral, but not in an overpowering way that I have experienced with other herbal teas. Found this at the Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin, TX and have reordered online. Will continue to be a repeat customer.