What's butter tea?

Butter tea originates out of Tibet and is prepared with black tea, salt, milk and butter from a "bri" (female yak). The traditional recipe makes a rich, savory beverage that can sometimes be described as an "acquired taste".

Siply's butter teas are a delicious and nourishing spin off of the Tibetan version, containing grass fed ghee instead of butter. For more info on butter tea, including recipes, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. #butterteaforabetteryou 

Why Tea? 

Tea contains polyphenolsflavonoidsEGCG and L-theanine, which have been shown to have powerful health effects. Specifically, studies have suggested that drinking tea may decrease depressiondiabetesliver and heart disease.

Why Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter and has no lactose (milk sugar) or casein (milk protein), making it a favorite amongst the dairy intolerant crowd. Fun fact-- ghee also has a much higher smoke point than most fats and does not spoil easily, making it a great cooking oil too!

Still not convinced?

Butter recently made a status jump after clinical studies debunked popular myths linking saturated fats to heart disease. Grass-fed butter is especially beneficial, as it contains higher amounts of CLA, vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids than its grain-fed counter part. 

Just a few benefits of butter tea:

  • support healthy brain function
  • improve heart health
  • burn fat
  • build muscle
  • lower inflammation
  • regulate blood sugar