We strive to make health and mindfulness a common practice to help everyone achieve a sharp mind, a full heart and a nourished body.

Our mission is to create healthy, transformative products and empower people with the knowledge of how to use them.


Who is Siply?

Siply was founded by a tea sommelier with a love for science and an adventurous palate. Following her own pursuit for wellness, she wanted to create and share products that taste amazing and incorporate the latest research in health. Siply's recipes embody the essence ancient tradition and innovation, from our spin on Tibetian butter tea, to our unique take on Japanese matcha. You've never seen tea like this before. #thinkoutsidethebag


All our teas and herbs have been ethically sourced and lab-tested for pesticides and mycotoxins to meet the highest quality of European standards. Though many of our teas are certified organic, some are not. This is often due to limited resources at some smaller tea plantations. Fear not, our teas are as clean as a whistle, guaranteed.