• Turmeric Spice & Tea Butter
  • pu'er chai with turmeric 
  • subtly spicy with full body
  • medium caffeine
  • balances metabolism & nourishes brain
  • 75 grams of Turmeric Spice ~ 25 servings (+resteeps)
  • 8 oz of Tea Butter


Turmeric Spice ingredients: *black tea (pu-erh style), *cinnamon, *turmeric, *anise seeds, *ginger, *black pepper, *cardamom, *cloves (*certified organic)

Tea Butter ingredients: grassfed ghee, *coconut oil (*certified organic)

Your favorite chai just got better.

We’ve paired our Turmeric Spice with our famous Tea Butter to create this bomb Butter Tea Bundle.

Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric has been dubbed one of the world’s most potent superfoods. This is a great tea for all chai lovers. It’s also another fan favorite amongst the coffee drinkers looking to transition to tea. Its spicy, full-bodied taste makes for zero sacrifices in the flavor department.

Healthy fats, like those found in our Tea Butter, are quickly becoming the breakfast of champions. Yes, we’re serious. Folks all over the world are trading in their oatmeal for high quality fats and they are better people for it.

Move over smoothie. There’s a new power breakfast in town.

Just a few benefits of butter tea:

  • makes great brain food

  • gives clean burning energy - no spike or crash

  • supports a happy heart

  • helps build strong muscles 

Siply Suggestions:

Steep a cup of Turmeric Spice and blend in a teaspoon of Tea Butter for a creamy cup of goodness. Add a dash of salt and sweeten to taste, but make sure you use the good stuff, like honey or maple syrup. Don’t worry, step by step instructions for the perfect cup of butter tea are printed on every jar of Tea Butter.

Want to know more?

Our butter tea recipes are a combo of tradition and innovation. We started with Tibetan butter tea and ran with it, adding research backed ingredients and simple instructions.

Ghee is clarified butter and has no lactose (milk sugar) or casein (milk protein), making it a favorite amongst the dairy intolerant crowd. Coconut oil contains MCTs, which are said to boost energy levels and support cognitive function. Put them together and you get the perfect brain food cocktail. You’re welcome.

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