• unroasted mate ground into fine matcha-grade powder
  • smooth and herbaceous with medium body
  • research suggests: supports short term memory 
  • best served: hot, iced, tea latte, butter tea, smoothie
  • origin: Brazil
  • 20 grams
  • 20 servings

 ingredients: certified organic green yerba mate 


Less caffeine, more buzz.

Mate is the official drink of South America. With its ability to provide a steady stream of unadulterated jitter-free energy, can you really blame them? Yerba mate has less caffeine than coffee, but more than your average cup of tea. It also has other stimulating compounds like theobromine, which perk you up minus the crash. Studies suggest that this miracle brew can improve short term memory too.

Our Mate Matcha is pure, unroasted Brazilian yerba mate ground into a very fine powder. It’s herbaceous in flavor and packs a powerful punch of polyphenols and phytochemicals to kick-start your immune system.

Siply Suggestions:

For the best matcha experience, add ½ teaspoon to 2 oz of water no hotter than 160 degrees. Whisk until frothy, then add 6 oz of water or milk. This tea powders is great for hot or iced lattes, smoothies, baking and more. Get creative.

Feeling adventurous? Matcha butter tea. Yesss.

Want to know more?

Mate Matcha is a part of Siply’s Matcha Collection. We are redefining the ancient art of stone-grinding tea leaves. By blending herbs and tea into powder, we’re offering you whole leaf benefit and delivering concentrated medicinal properties.

In a hurry? We got you. Matchas are perfect for on-the-go tea with zero steep time.

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